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Since I believe that patients have considerably more influence over the outcome of their ordeal with cancer than most doctors acknowledge, I have created this site with ideas, suggestions, and checklists that almost anyone can use to advantage. I am so sure of the value of the material on this site that I have decided to create a sort of "club" for people who want to try out the ideas and share the results with others.

Though the articles on the site are absolutely free, my gift to you, they are worthless unless implemented. For instance, if you know there is room for improvement, but you only read about the possibilities without taking action, you cannot really expect to experience improvement.

I want to make healing as easy as possible. So, I suggest that each person visiting this site make a resolution to try at least one suggestion. This can be something that shifts physical discomfort, improves the diet and digestion, or changes a deep-seated attitude. If it helps, try another suggestion and then another. In fact, try one per day for sixty days to see what happens.

Feel free to share your experiences with others by writing me with your experiences. I will support your efforts by posting pros and cons, using this site and the e-list to which you are welcome to subscribe. I try to respond to questions, often nudging or focusing a bit here and there, adding page to clarify an issue or dilemma, whatever is necessary. I want everyone to feel good about using the resources of this site, and I really, truly, honestly do not care how anyone gets well so long as he or she heals. I'm a healer and this site is a service, not a business.

May I suggest that you start with the area of life that is most disturbing to you: the tumor itself, belching and bloating, itching, fear of pain or of dying, or efforts to understand your dilemma from a wider perspective.



Ingrid Naiman
9 April 2006




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