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Psychosomatic Aspects of Illness and the Body-Mind Connection


The Inner Child

If the subconscious does not rebuff what feels harmful to it, it becomes a victim, and this is, in fact, how many people feel today: they are victims of circumstances that are hurtful, dangerous, and/or life-threatening.

Four Temperaments: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water

Based, I believe, mainly on the Moon at birth, I have found that each person has a tendency to prefer a particular element and to suffer from the excitement or depression of that element. In most cases, it feels good when one's favorite element is active; and it feels bad when that element is unsupported or suppressed.

Venus and Mars: the Pacifist and the Warrior

Peace lovers have slower metabolisms and more energy in the "life preserving" systems of the body whereas warriors have faster metabolisms and more energy in the "living" or life using systems of the body.

Ho'oponopono: Removing the Obstacles to Cure

According to Hawaiian medicine, the obstacles to cure must removed before a patient can get well. The obstacle may be a feeling that one does not deserve to be cured or some more objective physical issue such as a risk factor in the home. Guilt and the inability to forgive oneself are the most common causes of failure to heal.

Reminiscenses of Morrnah Simeona, Kahuna

The late Morrnah Simeona used to draw a pyramid and say that the aumakua was the tip of the pyramid, the part that is connected to every other aumakua. The middle part, uhane, is the conscious self but she always drew it so it was relatively small in comparison to the unihipili which is not just the subconscious but the battery operating the pyramidal structure of our psyche. They all have to work together and in harmony. She made it really clear that without the cooperation of the unihipili, things go "wrong."

Disease as Sin Versus The Germ Theory

Had Bechamp won the debate with Pasteur, we would have learned that those who are healthy and have good immune systems and adequate immune responses do not get sick even if exposed to pathogens. Doctors would have been trained to support healthy bodies rather than to look for microscopic causes of diseases, and they would have developed wholesome medicines instead of pusses and poisons to treat illness.



Ingrid Naiman
9 April 2006




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Venus and Mars: the Pacifist and the Warrior
Ho'oponopono: Removing the Obstacles to Cure
Disease as Sin Versus the Germ Theory



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