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If you missed the article on Detoxification and Tonification, that would be a good place to start.   right

Detoxification refers to measures that remove unwanted materials from the body.  Some people narrow the term to apply to blood and colon cleansing, but the truth is that virtually all systems of the body can use a spring cleaning now and then. The types of issues addressed in this section are poisoning from toxic metals, parasites, mold, impaction of the colon, blood toxicity, lymphatic stagnation, radiation poisoning, metabolic imbalance, and even pollution from xenohormones.

Twentieth century medicine taught that blood is sterile, this despite countless tests aimed at determining the medical condition of patients, everything from Rh factor to measurements of blood components and sedimentation rates to immune function tests, tests for malaria and Lyme Disease to febrile agglutination tests, cancer marker tests, viral load tests, and AIDS tests, not to mention the highly sophisticated tests discussed by Bill Moyers on NOW that showed the presence of dozens of industrial chemicals and toxic metals and strange hormones.

In severe cases, when the eliminatory organs are not efficient enough to rid the body of waste and debris, the skin becomes a major secondary eliminatory organ and toxins can cause itchiness in addition to irritation and inflammation.

This topic is discussed on several pages:  friendly bacteria and intestinal flora, peristalsis, colon detoxification and regeneration, and parasites.

Lymphatic System

Very few people understand the humble working of the lymphatic system. Basically, the lymphatic system consists of one-way channels into which excess fluids, called lymph, are absorbed. This fluid consists of waste materials and some white blood cells. It is not under pressure and only moves because of exercise or muscle contraction. Lymph moves towards the heart where it empties into veins. The two largest areas of lymph collection are just below the clavicles, areas that are often swollen or tender due to congestion in the lymphatic system. The left side carries more fluid than the right, explaining why so many people experience worse swelling on the left side.

Many people today suffer from what is often broadly referred to as "heavy metal toxicity."  The most common source of toxicity is mercury from dental fillings. When the so-called "silver" fillings are put in the teeth, they are roughly 49-53% mercury.  In other words, the filling is an amalgam that contains some silver as well as what is for some people a lethal amount of mercury. To determine the extent of possible mercury poisoning, studies were conducted on sheep.  The fillings were removed after six months and found to contain only about a fifth of the mercury that was present when the fillings were first put into the teeth. The rest of the mercury had been leeched into the system and was found in significant concentrations in the brain and small intestines, though the liver and kidneys and lungs were also impacted by the mercury.

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While the most common complications of mold exposure are allergies and asthma, chronic fatigue, skin irritation, emotional irritability, upper respiratory and sinus problems, disequilibrium and disorientation, memory loss, speech impairment and/or slurring, lymphedema and cancer are possible consequences.

Some parasites can enter the body through extremely casual contact, as minor as handling a pencil touched by an infected person.  Sometimes the infection occurs through ingestion and the right set of circumstances to enable survival. Insect bites are another means of transmission, and one program on Discover Health estimated that two-thirds of all people who have ever lived on the Planet have died of malaria.  We all know that malaria is once more an epidemic, probably in reverse relationship to pesticides such as DDT.  With global warming, the temperate zones now also have more parasites and more diseases related to parasite infection.  In short, writing off the possibility of infection is probably unwise.

Radiation burns because it vibrates faster than anything else in the body.  Phosphorus is the highest frequency natural occurring substance in the body.  While burning causes dry and brittle tissues, discomfort, and pain, the greatest medical risk of radiation is that it can result in secondary cancers unrelated to the primary malignancy.



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2 August 2006




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