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According to some schools of thought, cancer is a disease of slow metabolism. When the body does not produce enough hydrochloric acid, enzymes, bile, etc. to digest food, food is broken down through fermentation instead of normal digestive processes. Fermentation throws off gases that are the cause of abdominal rumblings and distention as well as toxicity. Though the majority of the gases do remain in the digestive system, they cause such diverse problems as heartburn, headaches, and muscle spasms, conditions that seem so different that the link to digestion is often not suspected.

The second issue of incomplete digestion is metabolic residuals. If at the end of the digestive process, there are still residuals that have not broken down either through digestion or fermentation, there is a risk of congestion of some type. This may affect the liver or clog the arteries or become a deposit in a joint or under the skin—or, according to some, the residuals may collect and form a swelling or tumor.

Though I understand this concept, I do not fully accept it. However, a doctor told me that she believed that her breast was a storage depots for debris and that the capacity to manage these surfeits would be lessened if she had a mastectomy.

This said, the notion that cancer is a condition of excess anabolism or deficient catabolism seems basically correct to me, but there are so many variables that I am not sure we can apply this theory to cancer and every individual. Nevertheless, the points are significant enough that attention needs to be addressed to the issue of metabolism.

Managing Metabolism

The first step is managing digestion is recognizing one's own digestive capacity. Though it is not strictly correct, the easiest way to grasp this concept is to assume that given one's own gastric secretions, one has x amount of digestive energy, enough to metabolize a small meal, a medium-sized meal, or a large meal. Whatever is not digested is not only not utilized by the body, but it places an added burden on the body. I will not go as far as others by saying that the residuals are toxic, but I will put forward the notion that surplus creates a management problem for the body.

The solution: eat only when hungry and eat only reasonable amounts of food for the digestive energy available.

The second step is to eat food that is easy to digest. One could also concentrate on eating what the body most needs since using one's limited digestive resources to knock off an ice cream sundae will not yield up the nutrients needed to maintain the body in the condition desired.

The solution: do not eat anything that has been cooked in a microwave oven. Do not reheat food that has been cooked and stored. Give this food to the dog and consume food that is fresh and vital. Use proteins that are easy to digest such as tempeh instead of difficult to digest animal products. Fermentation makes food easier to digest so less effort is needed by the body.

Step three is to support the digestion by preparing foods so that they are easier to metabolize. For instance, cooking foods in spices helps them to be not only more savory but more stimulating so that the body will secrete more gastric juices.

The solution: learn to cook the way they do in India or Thailand or North Africa or add more fermented foods to the diet so that the sour taste supplements stomach acids.

Step number four is to compensate for the deficiency of gastric secretions.

The solution: take supplemental digestive enzymes, especially when tired. It is also possible to take hydrochloric acid tablets. Herbal digestive bitters are also helpful. They can be taken both before meals and every 20-30 minutes after eating until the food has been completely digested.

A Life of BalanceComments

Westerners have been indoctrinated by an almost completely fallacious concept of what is good for them. The Standard American Diet is SAD indeed. Add to wrong food choices and idiotic concepts of food groups and nutritional needs, we now have very little fresh food, even less that is organically grown, and less yet that we can be sure has not been contaminated by genetically modified foods.

Digestion is a fascinating process that begins with titillation of the senses: aroma first, taste second, and salivation and gastric stimulation next. Understood from an esoteric perspective, it works from the first chakra, smell, to the second, taste, and then the third where all the foment takes place. We support life from the most rudimentary reliance on basic survival mechanisms to the most critical catabolic efforts to extract from our food what the body needs.

When the body is weak, it does not have the reserve strength for contending with exotic additives and bizarre mutations caused by irradiation and scientific modifications of Nature.


Wise food choices relieve many of the problems caused by weak metabolism. The rest can be addressed via supplements!

Warning: Do not to use irradiated spices!


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